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Special excursions
special excursions in Greece with Alpin Club

Canyoning in the ‘Always Raining’ gorge :

Ideal season: September - October, April - July

Location: mountainous Evritania
A fairly easy 4-hour route of exceptional beauty.

Rafting in the Erimanthos River :

Ideal season: January - May

Location: mountainous Achaia
Route length: 9 km
Difficulty level: III (IV+) (intermediate - difficult)

Rafting in the Erimanthos River offers intense and satisfying moments to experienced rafters. Previous experience and good physical condition required.

Rafting in the Tavropos River :

Ideal season: October - May

Location: mountainous Evritania
Route length: 9 km
Difficulty level: II (easy)

Descending the river Tavropos offers pleasant moments to those who want to try their luck at rafting for the first time.

Rafting in the Axeloos River :

Ideal season: March - May

Location: Evritania
Route length: 14 km
Difficulty level: II (easy)

Axeloos is the longest river in Greece. Descending through Axeloo's imposing gorge is ideal for those who want to try rafting for the first time.

Rafting in the Trikeriotis River :

Ideal season: October - May

Location: Evritania
Route length: 12 km
Difficulty level: III (intermediate)

Descending Trikerioti’s uniquely beautiful gorge is a good opportunity to experience action and have a good time for experienced rafters as well as those who want to try rafting for the first time.

Rafting excursion to the Araxthos River :

With our foundation’s unique facilities in mountainous Nafpaktia at your disposal, you are given the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful rafting routes in Greece.

Friday evening: Meeting point at the base of the Alpin Club in Evinos (Mountainous Nafpaktia).

Saturday: After breakfast, a bus awaits to depart for the Araxthos River. It takes about 4 hours to descend the 16 km route. At the end of the route we can grab a snack on the river bank and get ready to head back. After returning to the base at Evinos dinner is served followed by having fun at our facilities.

Sunday: After breakfast, the archery and tower climbing activities take place in the adventure park. After you have completed those activities get ready for dinner.

Camping at Thisoa :

Ideal season: June - September

Location: mountainous Arkadia
Route length: 16 km
Difficulty level: III (intermediate)

A two-day excursion with rafting and an overnight stay in tents on the river banks. Listen to the sounds of nature and the melody of the wind.

Day 1: The morning starts off with a descent in boats down the Lousios River ending in the Alfios River. In the afternoon we can set camp on the banks of the Alfios River located near the village Thisoa. Camped between the enormous plane trees, we can enjoy a barbeque while sitting around a roaring fire. An evening swim in the river followed by being lulled to sleep by the sounds of nature are the perfect way to top off the day.

Day 2: After a light breakfast we continue our descent until the village Matesi where a jeep awaits us to take us back to our facilities in Karitena.
  Before you start your trip, take a look at the weather on detailed reports (Temperature, Humidity, Wind direction e.t.c.) :

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