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The Alpin Club joins us in discovering alternative life paths, seeking a sense of good living.

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In the beginning of the 90’s, a getaway trip to mountainous Nafpaktia was what sparked the idea for the foundation of the Alpin Club.

A group of friends set out to enjoy a peaceful weekend by the Evino River, to have fun and get to know an unknown part of nature that Greece has to offer. Having spent many weekends at quite a few of Greece’s rivers, none of them imagined that this weekend at Evino would change their lives.

In the afternoon, on the river bank, the group shared their excited impressions while sitting around a fire: ‘the river is beautiful and safe, with plenty of crossings… the gorge very impressive with amazing alternating scenery…it has easy access and is very close to Athens…the local people, so friendly and hospitable, embraced us and helped us…’. That afternoon, around that fire, everyone felt the same joy; they had found their paradise.

The company was founded in 1993 aiming to promote outdoor activities and create organised places where these activities could be carried out.

Love for nature and adventure, security and responsibility along with respect towards the environment are the principals that the Alpin Club is based on in order to create:

  1. In 1993 a unique recreational centre in a beautiful part of the Greek countryside, in combination with organised outdoor activities, offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences to its visitors.

  2. In 1996 a small paradise, this time in mountainous Arkadia, a place of unique beauty, with evergreen gorges crisscrossing the rivers Lousios and Alfios and surrounded by historical monasteries, imposing castles and scattered picturesque villages. It is there, on the edge of the picturesque village Karitena, that a second foundation, based on the same principals, was built. This foundation offers an abundant amount of activities all year round.

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The aim of this company is to create a model centre that anyone can visit. A place that combines getting in touch with nature, discovering unknown Greek areas, adventure and a good time during every season of the year.

By designing and implementing new leading ideas, the Alpin Club offers the possibility of choosing holiday and activity programs that are constantly being renewed so as to satisfy everybody’s wants and needs. Programs that are enhanced by the security and responsibility that have been a part of the Alpin Club’s long journey.
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