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Your people
People you can count on

Driven by a strong sense of responsibility, security, punctuality and organisation as well as fully equipped with complete training and rich experience the companys staff will not only help make your stay as good as it can be but will share the fun every step of the way.

The company employs raft drivers, raft driver trainers, raft driver trainer trainers, kayak trainers, kayak coaches, sea kayak trainers, drivers, mountain guides, climbers, survival trainers, helicopter pilots, archers and cyclists.

All activity guides are trained rescue workers and have first aid licenses.
  Before you start your trip, take a look at the weather on detailed reports (Temperature, Humidity, Wind direction e.t.c.) :

For mountainous Nafpaktos
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For mountainous Arkadia
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  Driving directionsHow to get to Evinos
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How to get to Karitaina (Lousios river)
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