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How to get to Evinos
Athens-Evinos Map (Chani Bania)

nafpaktos map by Alpin club

Get on the national road Athens-Korinthos, then follow the national road Korinthos-Patra towards Rio. You must pass from Rio to Antirio either by car (use the bridge) or by ferry and head towards the city of Nafpaktos. Follow the sign that reads "Περιφερειακός-Άμφισσα-Ιτέα-Ναύπακτος" (Amfissa-Itea-Nafpaktos Ring). At the first crossroad follow the road towards Amfissa-Itea (not Nafpaktos), after approximately 2 km head towards Thermos. After approximately 16 km you will reach the village Chani Bania ("Χάνι Μπανιά"). The Alpin Club facilities entrance is located to the left of the bridge of Evinos at Bania. (don't cross the bridge, its right before the bridge)

Managers :

Vasilis Barbaresos

Tel. 1: 26340 29563 - 4
Tel. 2: 6972811837

Don't forget to bring with you (Required items) :

• A pair of shoes (athletic shoes preferred) which will get wet
• Bathing suit
• T-shirt (depending on the weather)
• Shorts or knee breeches
• A towel (for the shower)
• If you wear glasses, don't forget a safety/sports strap
• A pair of sandals (for the shower)
  Before you start your trip, take a look at the weather on detailed reports (Temperature, Humidity, Wind direction e.t.c.) :

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