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Company programmes/incentives
Company incentives teamwork photoCompany programmes are the most effective way for a company to strengthen its inner relationships, reward its personnel or colleagues, increase its sales or launch a new product. Using its motto of high quality services in combination with its rich experience and awareness the Alpin Club creates and implements:
Motivation/ Incentive trips, team building training programmes, conference programmes and promotion programmes.

team work travel by Alpin ClubMotivation/
Incentive trips
The Alpin Club offers complete motivation/ incentive programmes for executives, customers and colleagues aimed at rewarding their productivity and loyalty. The destinations of these trips, which are places of unique natural beauty, in combination with teamwork strategy games work wonders in helping the members of the team to further their acquaintances, relax and find mutual ways to communicate. Moreover, their participation in such activities leaves them with a sense of physical and mental well-being and offers them a relief from the anxiety linked to their city lives.

Company incentives team building in Greece by Alpin ClubTeam building
training programmes
These training programmes are special programmes designed for personal development and team formation. A trademark of these programmes is that they are held at places of exquisite natural beauty. Individuals feel a sense of freedom amidst nature and therefore release elements that help them better understand their personal strengths and realise the abilities they can better fulfil within the company. These training programmes are based on the method of experience through special group activities. The members of the group improve their teamwork and communicational skills while simultaneously learning how to manage their time, solve problems, negotiate, take the lead and set common goals.

conference meeting by Alpin ClubConference programmes :
The Alpin Club organises conference programmes throughout all of Greece combining an alternative tourist product with a companys professional commitments. Fully aware of the high demands of a conference, the excellently organised programme along with the fully trained guides guarantee high quality services. The aim of these events is to create the necessary conditions so as to combine professional commitments with revitalisation, relaxation and entertainment, ensured by the Alpin Club in a unique way.
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